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10 ways to prepare for Chemotherapy

10 ways to prepare for chemotherapy

The bad news has come and you are going to need a lot of courage to overcome this hardship. While your Doctor should of already explained the procedures for treatments, he or she probably did not have time to discuss how you can prepare yourself for it.

  1. Cancer treatments will not only touch your tumour, but also your entire body: skin, appetite, energy, emotions…Be organised from the beginning and get as much help as possible for your day-to-day tasks (grocery shopping, cleaning…)
  1. Sort your bathroom. As your skin will be very sensitive, you should opt for products that do not contain alcohol, fragrance or aggressive cleaning agents. Choose cosmetics for sensitive and reactive skin types with no odours. 
  1. Choose and try on your wig before your hair starts falling out. It is easier to choose one that suits you if you can compare with your current cut.
  1. Cut your hair very short before you start finding it on your pillow in the morning. Beforehand, ask your Doctor if your chemo causes hair loss.
  1. Book an appointment with your Dentist for a general check-up and make sure that your teeth will not cause you any problems during treatment. Also ask him to recommend you the approved teeth whitening systems to use at home along your treatment.
  1. Do not confuse small spots and rashes that will appear on your face and upper body with acne! Do not use products for acne as it will get worse and make your skin very dry. Continue using gentle, non-aggressive skin products.
  1. Prepare a first-aid kit with your medicine and keep it close at hand for when you are feeling unwell: Painkillers, anti-nausea, mouthwash and healing creams.
  1. Look into semi-permanent or permanent make-up solutions to see if they might be work for you. A face with some make-up can help you feel a lot better, even if you are very tired.
  1. Ease unwanted side-effects. Do not suffer in silence. There many “tips & tricks” that exist: cold for hand-foot syndrome, exercise for the fatigue… Ask your Doctor for more information!
  1. Look after yourself!