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Eye Makeup Tips During Chemotherapy

You can still intensify your look, even without eyelashes, thanks to special eye makeup tips during chemotherapy.

Your Symptoms

Like your hair and eyebrows, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy can cause the complete or partial loss of your eyelashes. This temporary side effect can change your facial features and cause your eyes to become extremely sensitive.

Fundamental Beauty Tips During Chemotherapy

Illuminate with Eyeshadow

Choose natural, matte colours that are in harmony with your complexion and eyes. Avoid sheen or shiny colours that can bring out any wrinkles. Apply a light-coloured eyeshadow all over your eyelids and pay particular attention to the inner corner of your eye and under the eyebrows to obtain a nice rounded arch.

Next, take a darker eyeshadow and start applying it from the outer corner of your eye and gradually work your way to the inner corner. At the beginning this can seem a bit difficult, but you will pick up the technique quickly! Blend your eyeshadow with your finger or a cotton bud to obtain a softer, more natural effect.

Intensify your Eyes with Eyeliner

Hold your eyeliner in one hand and firmly hold your eye in place with the other. Apply a thin line of eyeliner over the upper lid from the outer to inner corner, and on the outer edge of the lower eyelid. Gently blend the line with a cotton bud or your finger. For the final touch, go back over your eyeliner with a layer of dark eyeshadow.

Thicken your Lashes with Mascara

Mascara can give volume to your thinning eyelashes, as well as make them look thicker. Use non-waterproof mascara as it is easier to take off and reduces the risk of an eye infection.

From the start of your cancer treatments, use a new mascara and change it every month as the tube is the perfect environment for bacteria as it contains animal fats. Wash your mascara brush once a week with water and soap.

Additional Tips During Chemotherapy

  • Avoid greens that contrast with your eye rims, especially as they can become red during cancer treatments.
  • To avoid eyeshadow accumulating in the creases, apply a thin layer of foundation over your eyelid before starting.
  • During cancer treatment, stay clear of permanent makeup as the risk of infection is high.
  • Avoid using fake eyelashes as the glue can cause irritations. If you have an important event and you wish to wear them, remember to remove them as soon as possible.

Be careful! Mascara is not recommended as it can weigh down your eyelashes, make them fall out or cause eye infections. Do not use it daily, and favour eyeliner instead. Stop using mascara if you have an infection or dry eyes.

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