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How to choose a breast form by Oncovia

How to Choose a Breast Form

The external breast form allows you to rediscover your feminine silhouette after a full or partial breast ablation. 

Whether it be a permanent or temporary solution, the breast form is an attractive and psychological way to get back a balanced, feminine figure after breast surgery.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Breast Form

  • Choose a breast prosthesis that is adapted to your morphology.

  • Only use a silicone breast prosthesis after healing has finished (the hospital should provide you with a foam prosthesis after your operation)

  • Do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals for your first purchase of a breast prosthesis.

It is up to you to decide which breast form best suits you. Here are some elements to help you choose your prosthesis:

  • Material: foam is recommended right after the operation. Whereas silicone offers a more natural look and feel that is close to reality after healing has finished, it also allows the skin to breathe.

  • Choose the shape of the prosthesis based on the shape and curve of your breasts (symmetrical, asymmetrical…)

  • There are also lightweight breast forms that are adapted to the following: Partial removal, large bust or physical activities.

Additional Tips to Choose Your Breast Form

  • Treat your prosthesis as if it was a part of you.

  • Wash it daily with clear warm water and a small amount of fragrance-free soap.

  • Rinse and sponge dry delicately.

  • When you are not wearing it, make sure you keep it in its box to conserve its form.

  • For adhesive prostheses, use gentle, non-irritating products that are adapted to your skin, before and after wearing it, to clean your skin and the adhesive part of the breast form.

  • You can keep your prosthesis while swimming in a swimming pool or at the beach. Make sure you rinse it with fresh water straightaway. If you swim regularly, it is recommended to use a prosthesis that is specially made for this activity.

Breast form size guide

  1. Identify your cup and bra size
  2. Move down the table to find your correct breast form size