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How to choose a chemo head scarf?

How to Choose a Chemo Head Scarf

Chemo head scarves are an alternative solution to wigs when suffering from hair loss during cancer treatments.

How to Choose the Right Chemo Head Scarf For You

  • Easy and pleasant to wear, head scarves and turbans allow you to keep your face clear while offering many different designs to change your look frequently

  • Try on as many different head scarves, turbans, caps and hats as possible to help you find the one you like and that you are the most comfortable wearing

  • It is up to you to decide when you would like to wear your head scarf at home or all the time

  • Opt for soft, pleasant, light material, such as cotton or bamboo, as it will let your scalp breathe

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics as they can irritate your skin. Some fabrics can also be slippery, like silk, which can be uncomfortable when worn

  • Make sure your scarf measures at least 1 metre in length and 80 centimetres in width

  • Create volume! If your scarf is too short, you can wear a terrycloth cap underneath

  • It is recommended to sleep with a small night cap made of cotton or terrycloth to keep your head warm at night

  • If tying a scarf is too painful, pre-tied scarves exist that can be worn like a beanie

Additional Tips

  • If you choose to wear your head scarf all the time, make sure you have a large range of different colours and designs so that you do not get tired of wearing the same one all the time

  • You can dress up and customise your scarf by attaching different accessories, brooches or jewellery to it

  • Alternatives to wearing a wig and head scarf at the same time exist:

* Hair halo that grips the scalp

* Fringes of hair sewn into turbans