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How to knot your scarf ?

Here are some ideas and tutorials to help you tie and accessorise your head scarf or chemo cap.

Keep in mind that hair loss is only temporary and should not ruin your life. Play with different colours, fabrics and lengths to stay cool and trendy. Cancer headscarves are an alternative solution to wigs when suffering from alopecia, allowing you to stay feminine and stylish throughout your chemotherapy. Pleasant, comfortable and soft to wear, chemo caps and turbans are perfect during and after hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

A classic chemo head scarf is usually a pre-formed head scarf with 2 long sashes that can be tied around your head. The styles are varied: loose long ties at the base of the neck, knotted at the top of your head, knotted in the shape of a rose, crossed over the head …

There are also smaller scarves, called bandanas, disposing of a pre-formed hat and 2 sort sides that are tied at base of the neck for an optimum hold. The chemo bandanas are very popular during summer as they are easy to tie and to put on.

Watch the full tutorial on how to tie a classic chemo head scarf or how to put on your bandana on our Youtube channel ! 

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