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bra for radiotherapy

Post Radiotherapy Bras

After breast surgery or during radiotherapy, it is highly recommended to wear a soft, cotton bra that is perfectly adapted to your sensitive, delicate skin.

After radiotherapy, your skin becomes burnt and extremely sensitive. It is recommended to wear a specially adapted bra during your radiotherapy sessions, and for several weeks after.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • Wear wireless bras to avoid any rubbing on the irradiated zone and obstructing the lymphatic circulation

  • Choose bras that are made from a maximum percentage of cotton for more comfort

  • Avoid tight bras that can cause breast oedemas

  • Avoid wearing lace, embroidered or any other bras that can be uncomfortable and leave marks

  • You can opt for a front-fastening bra to make it easier to put on and to provide easier access during treatment

  • Seamless or delicately finished bras will provide you with the most comfort

Important: Do not shave under your arm on the irradiated side, during and several weeks after radiotherapy. Shaving will only make the area more painful.