Wig advice for synthetic wigs

Synthetic Wig Care Tips

It is important to take care of your synthetic wig

A synthetic hair wig usually lasts less than 1 year. Below, you will find some advice on how to extend the life span of your synthetic wig.

How do I Store my Synthetic Wig?

  • Do not leave your wig out and unprotected, as it’s a real dust gatherer!

  • After wearing your wig, let it air for several hours with the cap turned inside-out before putting it in its box

  • To store your wig, put some rolled up tissue paper inside it, place it in its netting and lay it flat in its box

How do I Wash my Synthetic Wig?

  • Wash your wig after every 10 to 15 uses

  • Start by gently untangling it with your fingers

  • Dip it in cold water with a small squirt of special wig shampoo and leave it to soak for several minutes (do not put the shampoo directly on the wig)

  • Rinse the wig in clean cold water

  • Gently pat dry the wig with a towel without wringing it, and leave it to air dry on a prop (wig stand, shower head…)

  • Do not use a hair dryer (or any other heat source) to dry it!

  • For a natural hair wig, follow the instructions listed above, but use warm water instead

  • For curly wigs, the curls will re-curl by themselves while the wig is drying

  • To reduce the number of washes and conserve your wig for as long as possible, you can wear a bamboo cap under your wig which can be washed every night before going to bed

How do I Brush my Synthetic Wig?

  • Never brush your wig in one stroke, start from the bottom and work your way up progressively to the roots while using a special wig brush or a boar-bristle brush

  • Watch out! Only brush your wig once it is completely dry and then give it a good shake to give it more volume

  • Do not use any hair gel or hair spray

    REMEMBER: Avoid wearing your wig around any heat sources. You should remove your wig whilst cooking and never use a hair dryer to dry it.

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