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Sea Band anti-nausea bracelet during chemo

Fighting the effects of Nausea during Chemo

Nausea and vomiting are the most common and by far the most unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and can be troublesome in every day life. An efficient solution against these problems is the Sea Band bracelet.

Bacelet Sea Band

The Sea Band Anti-Nausea Bracelet is a natural, non-medicated and easy-to-use solution that relieves nausea. It is especially efficient during and after chemotherapy. Its effectiveness is based on the traditional Chinese technique called Acupressure. It is a safe and sure way to combat these undesirable symptoms.

With the help of a plastic pellet, this bracelet applies pressure to a specific point on your wrist, called the P6 or Nei-Kuan.

It can also be used against nausea caused by transportation or pregnancy. It can be used by adults and children over the age of 3.

Results :

The Sea-Band bracelets reduce 70% of nausea due to chemotherapy(1) .

How to use the bracelets?

Positioning Sea-Band on the P6 acupressure point for nausea.

  • Turn the palm of your hand upwards
  • With your other hand place 3 fingers (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) on your forearm. Your ring finger should be placed against the top of your wrist
  • Locate the Nei-Kuan point, it should be just under the edge of your index finger, between the 2 flexor tendons of your hand
  • Place the Sea Band bracelet on each wrist with the white button resting on the Nei-Kuan point

(1) MINERVA MEDICA 2006 ; 97 Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Milan, Italy