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Detect skin cancer with a simple applicatio: Molescope by Oncovia

Molescope, The application that detects skin cancer

Molescope™ is a smartphone application by MetaOptima that aims to reduce the diagnostic time thanks to an application that is able to detect melanomas by tracking moles. Melanoma remains the most severe skin cancer due to its ability to spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer within the United Kingdom. In 2014, over 15, 400 people were affected causing 2,500 deaths.

In order to counteract the shortage of dermatologists and detect malignant melanomas as fast as possible Maryam Sadeghi decided to launch Molescope. The application is capable of capturing precise images of suspicious moles or spots on the skin utilising a mini microscope connected to the phone.

Through the small microscope, all the photos taken will be sent to a date server where a dermatologist will have direct access. “Instead of waiting for six to eight months, the patient can have the results in one or two days”, says Professor Janson Rivers. The images will help patients have a quicker diagnosis.

Integrating a precise algorithm, this portable microscope will enable the user to follow the evolution of their moles and send a personalised report of it to the dermatologist.

Bear in mind that all skin cancer screenings are done visually to begin with, if the mole is deemed suspicious, it is only afterwards that the dermatologist will request a face-to-face appointment and the mole may then be removed or biopsied.

The most basic application and device costs around £100, but rest assured, only 1 device is needed as everyone in the family can create their own account and share. If you need help finding an esthetician, then you can ask friends and family. And if you need a second opinion, you have a worldwide list of dermatologists to help out!