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Natural hair dyes after cancer treatments by Oncovia

Colouring your Hair After Chemo

It is recommended to wait at least 6 months after chemotherapy treatment before dying your hair. Chemical hair dyes contain a lot of dangerous substances and should be avoided as your scalp is still fragile.

Natural hair dyes are milder than normal hair dyes and have a lower risk of irritation. Plant based hair dyes envelop the hair strands with a protective film and the pigments attach to the outer layer of the capillary fibre. Unlike conventional hair dyes, you should not expect a drastic colour change as the pigments will not penetrate the hair cuticle and will not change its biological composition.

There are many advantages to using natural hair dyes, not only will it add shine, but it will also strengthen, soften and restructure hair fibres. Natural hair dyes are long lasting and will gradually fade away without a noticeable contrast between the coloured hair and the natural hair base.

Natural hair dyes are made from plants, the lighter shades are usually formulated with rhubarb and chamomile extracts, while brown and hazelnut colours are made from turmeric, henna, walnut and sometimes black tea. For mahogany shades, extracts such as redwood, boxwood or tea are used.

If you want to cover grey hair, it is recommended to use a hair darkener or a corrector for light hair mixed with the natural hair dye. You must mix it proportionally based on the percentage of existing grey hairs. For example, if you have brown hair of which 50% is grey hair, then 50% of the final colour mix should contain the natural hair dye powder and 50% should contain the hair darkener.

The application time varies depending on the colour.

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