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Oncovia hat Revitalash für Sie getestet!

We tested Revitalash for you!

We tested the product Revitalash for you!

The brand Revitalash was created by the doctor, Michal Brinkenhoff, that started out as a gift for his wife, Gayle, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged Gayle’s eyelashes, making them brittle, fragile and sparse. After some research and tests, with the help of a team of Cosmetologists, Dr. Brinkenhoff created the product Revitalash, THE product that revitalised Gayle’s eyelashes.


Over an average time of 90 days, eyelashes spend around 15 days growing. Thanks to the help of Revitalash Advanced, your eyelashes continue growing for 45 days! They look stronger, longer, thicker and darker. The serum used, which was created by an optometrist, is hypoallergenic and safe for your eyes. In the composition, we can find: Ginseng root as an anti-inflammatory, wheat proteins for hydration, camellia leaf for antioxidants, calendula flower for its healing and antibacterial properties and japonica for its natural scent.


revitalash before after 2

  1. Before going to bed, remove all your makeup and apply Revitalash to your eyelashes
  2. Apply Revitalish just like an eye-liner, at the base of your upper lashes. A small amount is more than enough to intensify the natural beauty of your lashes.
  3. Continue applying daily for 3 months to 6 months.


  • It is safe to use even for people wearing contact lenses.
  • If you are going through chemotherapy, it is best to wait 3 to 5 weeks after finishing your treatments before starting to use the product.
  • Your eyes will normally eliminate any product residue that goes into your eyes. However, if you are worried or feel a slight irritation, rinse your eyes out with fresh water to dilute and remove any remaining traces.
  • Once you have finished using Revitalash, your eyelashes will gradually go back to growing normally.


Revitalash tested by Oncovia

From the third week, the results were visible: Stronger, longer and darker lashes, and after five weeks, the eyelashes grew out, leaving space for more thicker lashes.

In the same product range, you will find Revitabrow, Revitalash Volumizing primer and Revitalash Hair.

Still having trouble believing it? Test it out for yourself or offer it as a gift!