Chemo cold cap 

The cold reduces the blood flow and limits the diffusion of active principles. Whether it be with a cold cap , hyptothermic gloves, socks or an eye mask , the efficiency of these treatments vary depending on...

The cold reduces the blood flow and limits the diffusion of active principles. Whether it be with a cold cap, hyptothermic gloves, socks or an eye mask, the efficiency of these treatments vary depending on the protocole. Ask your medical team for more information.

Why use a cold cap during chemo? 

Some protocols and some chemotherapy regimens cause hair loss. The cold helmet, the cooling hood is used to reduce hair loss during chemo. Hair loss can be a severe ordeal for some people, which is why this solution can be offered by the nursing staff. The cooling helmet, cold cap is put on a few minutes before the start of the chemo and taken off a few minutes after the end. It is advisable to change the chemo cold helmet during the session for a better result.

However, be careful, when scientific studies show positive results on the use of the helmet in relation to hair loss, you must remember that the effectiveness of the chemo cooling hood depends on several factors.

In fact, some patients may lose their hair despite wearing the helmet regularly. 

Factors are:   

  • hair type and length  
  • The chemomolecule(s) used and their mode of administration  
  • Your body's response to chemo 

To learn more about the chemo cold cap, its benefits and the side effects of the cooled helmet for chemo, don't hesitate to read our article "The Chemo cold cap to minimize Hair Loss".

What is a chemo cold cap? 

The cold helmet is a medical device designed to slow down hair loss during chemotherapy. It is a gel-filled hood that is cooled between -30°C and -35°C and worn during the chemotherapy session. The cold then causes vasoconstriction of the scalp's blood vessels, which slows the passage of chemomolecules in that area, thus preventing (or limiting) hair loss.

  • A similar principle applies to:   
  • Mittens or cooling gloves: to protect your nails during chemotherapy  
  • Cool slippers: like gloves to prevent foot-hand syndrome and protect nails.  
  • Eye masks to preserve eyelashes and eyebrows 

Who can use a cold cap? 

The chemo cooling cap is not suitable for all patients, so it is important to consult your doctor and medical team before deciding to use it. The helmet is used for solid tumors, intravenous and short-term chemotherapy in adults (there is no cooling helmet for children and it is not advisable to give them one). 

Chemo cold helmets are not recommended or even forbidden for:    tumor in the head or face   scalp metastases   certain leukemias and lymphomas   continuous chemo by pump   oral chemotherapy 

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