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Find the right priced wig for you! Choose from an array of styles: short wigs , lace-front wigs , synthetic wigs ... Cheap, high quality women's wigs for chemotherapy   Discover our...

Find the right priced wig for you! Choose from an array of styles: short wigs, lace-front wigs, synthetic wigs...

Cheap, high quality women's wigs for chemotherapy 

Discover our cheap wigs and find the medical hair prosthesis that meets all your needs while not exceeding your budget. Take the opportunity and find the latest models from our latest collections such as cheap human hair wigs, monofilament wigs, but also ultra-glamorous long women's wigs.

Why choose a medical wig on sale? 

The chemo wigs offered in this category are not inferior in quality. These are simply wigs from a discontinued collection or limited editions. In the category "Wigs Sale" you can find a nice surprise. This is an opportunity to choose a chemo wig that will allow you to alternate with your current medical wig or simply treat yourself at a reduced price without forgetting quality. 

In addition, discount medical wigs are always in stock and therefore have a faster delivery time. Human hair women's wigs, cheap monofilament wigs, short or long wigs, find the model that suits your style.

How much does a hair prosthesis cost? 

Usually the price of a medical wig varies depending on the model and very specific criteria that take into account:   

  • the type of manufacture: (monofilament wig, handmade wig, semi-monofilament, etc.)  
  • the fiber used: natural wig, synthetic wig or real synthetic hair wig  
  • the length of the fiber: long wigs are slightly more expensive than short or medium length wigs.