Blonde wig 

On our website you can find a huge range of wigs in Blonde . Discover our natural hair wigs or synthetic wigs with or without lace front . We have a large selection of platinum blonde wigs , pale blond wigs ,...

On our website you can find a huge range of wigs in Blonde. Discover our natural hair wigs or synthetic wigs with or without lace front. We have a large selection of platinum blonde wigs, pale blond wigs, ash blonde wigs, strawberry blonde wigs or ombre blonde wigs.  

Are you looking for a cheap or elegant blonde wig for a timeless look? 

Oncovia offers you a very wide range of blonde wigs that you can wear both everyday and for a special occasion. All colors are available for all wigs, from platinum blonde wigs to champagne blonde and dark blonde. You will find both blonde human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, all with a natural and invisible look.

How do I choose my blonde wig?

 In order to choose the right blonde wig, you must first define your desires. Looking for a change or would you rather keep your current style and cut? In addition, you must also consider your lifestyle so that the wig that accompanies you in your treatments is not an obstacle. Once this is defined, you can decide if a long straight blonde wig suits your style better than a curly or wavy blonde wig.

You also have a choice of a blonde bob wig or a short blonde wig which is easier to maintain if you don't want to spend too much time styling your wig or have a more active lifestyle. In these cases, too, we recommend that you prefer a synthetic hair medical wig, which is much easier to care for in everyday life than a blond human hair wig.

Which blonde wig suits me? 

There are different colors of blonde wigs and this is a real advantage. So everyone can find a blonde wig that flatters their complexion.

But how do you find it? We tell you everything. Among the different shades from the lightest to the darkest blonde you will find: 

Cold shades of blonde 

Platinum Blonde: A beautiful polar blonde with lighter tones and highlights for an almost white effect. 

Pastel Blonde: The pastel blonde wigs have a platinum blonde base with some very subtle golden blonde highlights to add just the right touch of relief to this cool blonde wig 

Light shades of blonde:

Light Champagne: The light champagne has a very light platinum blonde base with golden blonde highlights to warm it up. 

Champagne: As the name suggests, champagne blonde wigs have a very light golden base (like champagne) with slightly darker golden highlights that add a touch of contrast and sparkle. 

Hot Blondes: 

Lighthoney: The Lighthoney has a very light champagne blonde base contrasted by golden honey blonde highlights that are a bit more yellow (but not too much either), making for a perfect balance between warm and cold. 

Light Caramel: With a golden base combined with dark and honey blonde highlights, light caramel is a warm and very intense golden blonde. 


Caramel: Guaranteed no salted butter, the caramel color has an almost ashy dark blonde hue enhanced by gorgeous honey blonde highlights and soft champagne blonde highlights that are very subtle but totally impactful. 

Ginger: With ginger you are opting for the typical Venetian blonde wig! A splendid combination of golden blonde, caramel and golden copper for a luminous and intense result. 

Ash blonde 

Sandy Blonde: The sandy blonde is a light ash blonde with warm blonde highlights and cool blonde tones for a back from vacation effect. 

Sand: The ash blonde we like. Very simple with a dark ash blonde base to which is applied a balayage combining different shades of dark gold. 

Sand Multi: In the Sand Multi tones we find a dark ash blonde base tone enhanced by cold blonde and light brown highlights. 

Light brown 

Dark Sand: A dark ash blonde contrasted with a slightly coppery light brown, gold and fine blonde curls 

Light Amber: With a golden auburn base enhanced by blonde and copper tones, Light Amber is ideal for those seeking a high-contrast and luminous auburn. 

Amber: The amber color features a medium auburn color base on which is applied balayage that ranges from soft beige blonde to warm golden blonde. The amber color wig is ideal for anyone looking to transition from dark brown/brown to blonde.