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Cancer headscarves are an alternative solution to  wigs when suffering from alopecia , allowing you to stay feminine and stylish throughout your chemotherapy . Combining comfort, simplicity and elegance at home...

Cancer headscarves are an alternative solution to wigs when suffering from alopecia, allowing you to stay feminine and stylish throughout your chemotherapy. Combining comfort, simplicity and elegance at home or out and about, we offer a wide selection of soft materials and colours, so that you can find the scarf that suits you best.

Which headscarf, which chemo turban after a chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is causing hair loss and you want to hide it without a wig? This is possible thanks to chemo headscarves and chemo turbans. Equipped with a preformed chemo cap and long or short fabric straps to tie, you can easily create volume.

Women's chemo turbans, which one is the right for me?

Of course, you must choose headscarves or turbans that suit your style. Modern chemo turbans or simpler turbans, let your taste decide. But most importantly, the chemoturban you choose must be easy to wear and place. Chemo headscarves with long fabric ties give you more tying options. You can do a twist or two, or even tie the ribbons neatly. Chemo scarves with short ties are easier to tie and give you the volume you need to elegantly conceal your alopecia. Finally, if you have pain in your arms, are tired or just don't feel like tying a turban, you should prefer a ready-to-wear chemo turban hat. The Doris models from M&M Paris or the Hindi models from Christine Headwear are ideal in this situation.

In our blog article "How to choose a chemo head scarf?" » you will find all information on the subject.

How to put a turban on your head after chemotherapy

Applying a chemoturban is not difficult, just follow the steps below:

• Put the hat on your head so that the forehead remains visible.

• Make a first knot at the back of the neck

• Cross the ribbons on the forehead

• Tie the Storff ribbons of your chemo turban at the back of your neck one last time. You can also wear your chemo turban or your chemo headscarf with a fringe or a crown of hair. You can find ponies and hair wreaths in our brand catalog at Les Franjynes or at Ellen Wille.

Cotton chemo turban or bamboo chemo turban, which material should I prefer?

The choice of material is very important to feel comfortable and to protect your sensitive scalp caused by anti-cancer treatments. We advise you to give preference to natural materials, such as:

• Bamboo

• Cotton

• Silk

If you fall for a synthetic material, no problem! Just make sure the inside of the hat is lined with a material like cotton. The most important thing is to feel good and let your scalp breathe.

Refund chemo turban?

Headgear such as chemoturbans, bandanas, hats and chemo scarves can be reimbursed by the respective health insurance company. Unfortunately, Oncovia cannot yet charge prescriptions, as we do not yet have the supply contracts with the health insurance companies. The only thing we can advise you is that you ask your health insurance company whether you will receive a refund after paying in advance with the prescription and the invoice. That probably depends on the goodwill of the respective health insurance company.

Where can I find chemo turbans, chemo headwear?

You can find turbans and chemo scarves on our website. We also offer chemo caps, chemo bandanas, chemo caps for sleep but also hats. In our catalog you will find leading brands focused on the well-being of women with cancer:

Christine Headwear with ultra-elegant models and simple shapes

Les Franjynes: Can't find a chemo turban with a fringe of hair? No problem, take a Les Franjynes pony and combine it with a modern chemo turban for a young and irresistible look.

M&M Paris offers ultra-soft chemo turbans and headscarves in very trendy colors.

Oncovia Chemo headwear that adapts to styles.

Carebell Headwear our 2022 discovery!!

You will love the suppleness, elegance and infinite softness of the models.

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