Mastectomy Swimwear 

Longing to go swimming or participate in a water aerobics class? Jump in,  breast form and all! Find our selection of classic and modern mastectomy swimsuits with pockets for your breast form . A combination of...

Longing to go swimming or participate in a water aerobics class? Jump in, breast form and all! Find our selection of classic and modern mastectomy swimsuits with pockets for your breast form. A combination of comfort, support and elegance so that you feel just like a fish in water! 

What is a mastectomy swimsuit or a post-op swimsuit? 

A post-operative mastectomy swimsuit or prosthetic swimsuit is a swimsuit suitable for women who have undergone a total or partial mastectomy. This is a swimsuit with prosthesis pockets for a breast prosthesis. In fact, these swimsuits are specifically designed to insert an external breast prosthesis, so they are not visible.  

A breast prosthesis swimsuit has different designs, which are suitable for the different needs of women after breast surgery. In addition to a prosthesis pocket for breast prostheses, you will find, for example, anti-UV swimsuits to protect sensitive skin or mastectomy swimsuits with a high neckline to hide the scars of breast surgery. In addition, swimsuits are usually made with suitable fabrics to ensure protection and perfect support for the breast prosthesis, but also for total swimming safety. 

Which swimsuit after a mastectomy?

At Oncovia, we believe that you shouldn't dare to be extra fancy, sophisticated or glamorous because you've had breast surgery. On the contrary!! The ideal swimsuit is one that you feel comfortable and confident in.

But the following questions apply:

Do you prefer a one-piece or a prosthetic bikini? Where can I find a cheap post mastectomy swimsuit? What if I am looking for a plus size breast form swimsuit?It is important to choose a swimsuit that suits your needs.

If you want to play sports after (or during) your breast cancer, you should prefer a one-piece, that is, a prosthetic swimsuit in a thick fabric and a minimum of details for better freedom of movement.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a swimsuit to spend the summer by the sea or by the pool, a prosthetic bikini is a good idea, but so is any swimsuit with an external breast prosthesis that will make you feel beautiful. Color, lace and ruffles, be yourself!!

On the other hand, we recommend that you always source your swimsuit from retailers or brands that specialize in post-operative or post-breast cancer lingerie. Quality is important and should not be neglected. That's why we chose to work with experts in lingerie and post-mastectomy swimsuits

Anita mastectomy swimsuit: Anita, with its Anita Care range, proposes ever more colorful models of swimsuits, daring to combine prints and bright colors with details that are always modern.

Amoena post-op swimsuit: A brand exclusively specialized in lingerie for women after breast surgery, Amoena offers classic, sober swimsuit models without ever forgetting elegance and modernity. In addition, Amoena is a brand that also offers plus-size models.

Marli post-operative swimsuit: 100% French designer, Marli offers state-of-the-art swimsuits for external breast prostheses in unusual shapes and materials.

Bibi & Bibi postoperative swimsuit: Always in French creation, Bibi & Bibi is the cute asset of our catalogue. From black prosthetic swimsuits to printed two-piece swimsuits, Bibi & Bibi offers us effective, timeless pieces every year, without ever forgetting the detail that hits the mark. 

Finally, if you are looking for a cheap post mastectomy swimsuit, don't hesitate to take a look at our "Sale" category. There you will find a selection of swimsuits from Garance, Amoena or Anita Care models, as well as breast prostheses at discounted prices.

You can find all our advice on choosing the right swimsuit after mastectomy in our blog article: Which swimsuit after breast surgery?

Can I swim after a mastectomy?

Yes of course!! It is entirely possible to go swimming after a mastectomy. Swimming is even recommended as it is great for recovery. Just make sure your healing is complete to avoid germs or possible infection. In general, it is recommended to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before swimming again. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to show your scar to your surgeon so that he can give you his approval.

Finally, swimming with a conventional silicone breast prosthesis is strongly discouraged. This can easily break while swimming. Prefer swimming prostheses like the Aqua Wave or the Pure Fresh.