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After breast surgery, it is highly recommended to properly support your bust with a special post-surgery bra . Discover our selection of  post-mastectomy and  compression bras for your optimal comfort. Which...

After breast surgery, it is highly recommended to properly support your bust with a special post-surgery bra. Discover our selection of post-mastectomy and compression bras for your optimal comfort.

Which bra after a mastectomy? 

Choosing your post mastectomy bra is extremely important! Immediately after breast surgery, be it a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, and throughout the healing process, choosing the right post-surgical mastectomy bra is extremely important. 

Below we list the essential criteria for choosing the right post-mastectomy bra: 

• Choose a cotton postoperative bra with little or no seams to protect your skin. 

• Prefer a bra or post-mastectomy bra with a front closure to avoid painful movements. 

• Wear non-wired post-mastectomy bras to keep things from pressing on your scars. In our post-srugery bra category, we recommend the Frances post-operative bra from Amoena or the Isra model from Anita Care. If you are looking for a particularly soft model, take a look at the Lison bra from Coeur de Lys, it is Made from particularly soft organic cotton.

Then, when your scars have healed well, you can choose the breast prosthesis bra that suits you. 

Look out for: 

• It is a postoperative bra with a prosthesis pocket

 • The post-operative bra should be adapted to the morphology. For example, if you have a large chest, choose a wide strap that is as adjustable as possible.

If you choose to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, YOU ARE RECOMMENDED to wear a compression bra. Be careful, please do not follow the recommendation to buy a sports bra here.

Which bra for breast prostheses? 

With an external breast prosthesis, we recommend a bra with a prosthesis pocket. The prosthetic bra allows you to discreetly insert your breast prosthesis so that you can enjoy optimum comfort and freedom of movement throughout the day. In our catalog you will find a wide range of bras with breast prosthesis pockets. All you have to do is choose models that will make you feel elegant, feminine and confident! 

We recommend you: 

Anita Care brand mastectomy bras 

Amoena brand mastectomy bras 

• Coeur de Lys prosthetic bras. The Coeur de Lys brand offers all kinds of models made of organic cotton, Coeur de Lys also offers bras without a prosthesis pocket for use during radiotherapy. 

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