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Hair Balm for Natural Wigs

You can apply this balm after shampooing. It is essential for looking after and increasing the lifespan of your natural hair wig.

£ 10.59

Estimated 26/04/2018

This wig balm from Ellen Wille is fundamental for looking after your natural hair wig and extending its lifespan. Its texture deeply looks after the natural hair fibres.

This product is part of the Pure Power range from Ellen Wille. It is specially made to revitalise and regenerate hair, leaving it soft and shiny for a more natural look.

You can apply the balm right after shampooing.

Leave to sit for several minutes so that the product can deeply penetrate the hair fibre, then rinse well.

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Certain wigs have a Lace Front: A fine lace mesh placed at the front of the wig to ressemble the hair line, for a more natural look.