Wig hairbrush Loops - Ellen Wille

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Perfect hairbrush for you wig

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The hairbrush Loops by Ellen Wille is made to style your hair prosthesis.

Its small plastic loops will easily detangle all knots. This wig brush is therefore ideal for maintaining your wig regularly.

It detangles very easily without snagging or damaging the wig cap.

Very practical, this brush fits perfectly at the bottom of a bag.

Its little extra? it is anti-static!

To brush your wig, start at the end of hait and work your way up to the roots.

Never brush your wig while it is still wet or damp, you could damage it.

Shake your wig to restore volume.

Certain wigs have a Lace Front: A fine lace mesh placed at the front of the wig to ressemble the hair line, for a more natural look.