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Salvia Post-Surgery Bra with Front Fastener - Anita

Timeless, it combines subtlety, comfort and sobriety!

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Estimated 30/04/2018

Estimated 30/04/2018

The Salvia post-surgery mastectomy bra from Anita is essential for the first month after breast surgery. It is also recommended for during and after radiotherapy, sport and sleeping. This bra is also suitable for very sensitive skin. Equipped with a back closure and lined straps, this bra brings lots of comfort and softness. Equipped with bilateral pockets, you can discreetly insert your breast prostheses.

Suitable for hand washing or machine washing at 30°C.
We strongly recommend using the delicate cycle of your washing machine. 
Ideally wash in a delicates laundry bag.
Never leave to soak.
Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry.

High quality single knit cotton with elastane and natural micromodal fibres.
Does not apply any pressure on the body.
45% Polyester, 45% Micromodal, 10% Elastane (Lycra)

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To find the right size, take your measurements directly on your body with the help of a tape measure.

  • 1.

    Band Size (under-bust)

    Measure under your bust, across your ribcage and around your back under your arms.

  • 2.

    Semi-Bust Size

    Measure the non-operated side by placing the measuring tape at the same level as your nipple. Start from the sternum and stop at the middle of your back. Multiply by 2.