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Crystal Alum - Deodorant spray - 100 ml

Delicate deodorant - perfume free - alcohol free - 100ml

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Estimated 27/04/2018

The Crystal Alum Spray Deodorant from Santé Naturokosmetik naturally and efficiently stops odour-causing bacteria without affecting the natural skin and sweat gland functions. This gentle, natural deodorant will not irritate sensitive skin, leaving a clean sensation throughout the day. It is ideal for people undergoing cancer treatments.

The alum stone leaves a clear layer of antiseptic micro-particles on the epidermis to stop the development of bad odours and to create an astringent reaction to naturally limit perspiration.

  • The crystal alum deodorant can be used on all parts of the body that suffer from excessive perspiration: underarms, forehead, hands, feet…
  • 2 or 3 sprays is more than enough
  • Spring water, Natural Alum, purified by multiple crystallisations, cinnamic acid (cinnamon)
  • Does not contain Aluminium

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