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Soothes, protects, moisturizes

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Même Cosmetics skin care water offers many benefits. This care water soothes skin that has become sensitive to radiation, for example, it moisturizes and cleanses the epidermis of impurities such as make-up.

It is ideal for relieving skin sensitivity, providing a feeling of freshness and hydration while improving the skin's protective function.

Même Cosmetics skin care water has been tested. Here is some customer feedback:

- Gives an immediate sensation of freshness (for 97% of the volunteers)**
- Relieves signs of discomfort (95%)* and provides immediate relief after radiotherapy (100%)**
- Soothes itching (86%)* and discomfort or tightness due to radiotherapy (88%)**
- Skin is less sensitive (86%)*
- Respects the most sensitive and atopic skin (95% of volunteers)* and the areas irradiated by radiotherapy **

- Protects the skin (for 85% of volunteers)*
- Does not dry out the skin after application (90%)*
- Improves the skin's barrier function by +14%***
- Decreases skin water loss (100%)***
- Skin condition is improved (86%)*

- Gives the skin a boost and wakes up the face (86%)*, skin looks less tired (+57%)***
- Skin tone is brighter (+68%)*** and more even (54%)***.
- Skin texture is refined (for 91% of volunteers)*.
- Pores are less visible (48% reduction)***
- Skin is softer (91%), smoother (86%) and plumper (72%)*

* Use test carried out by MÊME on 21 volunteers with sensitive and atopic skin, for 28 days with an application at least twice a day on the face (including eyelids, lips, eye contour), neck and any other sensitive or uncomfortable area.

** Clinical study conducted by MÊME, in 2 radiotherapy departments (36 volunteers), for 28 days with an application at least twice a day (including once when leaving the radiotherapy room in the dressing room).

*** Measurement of the IWL (insensible water loss) and results observed by a dermatologist according to a before/after evaluation grid, during a use test with 22 volunteers with normal to dry and sensitive or mixed to oily skin, with imperfections, for 21 days, twice a day on the face.

Morning and evening, and as soon as you feel the need, spray on the face, neck or any other sensitive or uncomfortable area. Very gentle, the Care mist can even be applied to clean, well-sealed scars.

You can also use it after the make-up remover balm to complete your make-up removal in a single step, for a perfect and revitalising facial cleansing.

By following our instructions for use, the time of use of our Care mist is estimated at:

  • 50 days for a twice-daily application on the face
  • 25 days for a twice-daily application on the chest or back
  • 100 days for a twice-daily application on a small area (such as a localized, clean and properly healed scar)

100% natural, the Care mist has been charged with negative ions and enriched with minerals using patented technology.
Silicon (10 different structures), Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium are the precious minerals that give it all its wonderful benefits for your skin.
The Care mist is a fragrance-free product.


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