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Anita - Standard & Soft 1053X2 Breast Form

Perfect after a mastectomy.

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Estimated 30/04/2018

Estimated 30/04/2018

The Standard & Soft 1053X2 Breast Form from Anita Care is perfect after a mastectomy.

It can be worn on both sides thanks to its symmetrical design. Its evens out your silhouette after a full mastectomy and hides any irregularities.

Very soft to the touch, this silicone breast form is gentle on your skin and your scars, offering total comfort and well-being all day long.


Wash regularly with warm water or with a small amount of fragrance-free soap
Rinse, then carefully dry with a soft towel
When you are not wearing your breast form, make sure you keep it in its box so that it retains its shape
You can wear your breast form whilst swimming in a pool or the sea. Remember to rinse immediately afterwards with clean water.

NB. any cuts made by sharp objects are irreparable

100% Silicone

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