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Contact Multi 2S - Self Adhesive Breast Pad - Amoena

Choose to wear your prosthesis in an adhesive or non-adhesive form.

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Estimated 24/04/2018

Estimated 24/04/2018

The Amoena 2S multi-contact is an adhesive silicone support that can be used with all Amoena 2S breast prostheses, including the Essential Light 2S and the Natura Cosmetics 2S. It is adhesive on both sides, both on the face touching the skin and on the face touching the Amoena breast form. This support gives you complete adhesion. The multi-contact allows you to wear your prosthesis as both an adhesive and non-adhesive form.

Shape: Use the guides below to determine your curve.
Shape 2 is an average cup fit (medium curve).


Like all Amoena Contact prostheses, the Contact Multi 2S support will adhere better to perfectly clean skin.
Clean the support after use with the Amoena soft cleanser solution and the soft brush provided.
Use Amoena Skin Preparation Tonic to clean the skin before applying the Contact support. An excellent way to increase adhesive power. 


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