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TriFirst - Temporary Fabric Breast Form - 1019X - Anita Care

An initial fabric breast form for temporary wear after a mastectomy

£ 22.07

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Estimated 24/04/2018

Estimated 24/04/2018

The temporary textile breast form from Anita Care is ideal after a mastectomy. It can also be used in the case of severe lymphedema.

The Trifirst 1019X breast form does not have any stitching and will not irritate fragile skin caused by cancer treatments.

With its opening at the back, you can easily add or remove the stuffing to adapt to your morphology. Discreet and comfortable, you can wear your temporary breast form all day long during the healing phase.

Its soft pre-formed cups offer a nice shape and harmonious silouhette!

60% Polyester + 35% Polyurethane + 5% Elastane

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