Eclipseo Blue Sleeve for PICC-Line Rue du Colibri

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This soft sleeve covers and protects your PICC line.

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The protective sleeve from Rue du colibri allows you to cover and protect the catheter of PICC Line carriers in order to live with a little more lightness.

The PICC Line remains in place for the duration of the treatment. The sleeve allows you to protect your PICC Line between two treatments and limits the risk of tubes being torn off. It can be worn both day and night. You will sleep without fear.

Its ultra-soft material takes care of the most sensitive skin. Its elastane facilitates the installation in a painless way and makes it flexible to be able to remove it easily.

Convenient when you wear short sleeves, it gives you great freedom of movement and comforting softness. This sleeve was designed in response to the daily challenges of PICC Line wearers.

You are advised to wash the Sleeve at a temperature of 30 °.

93% cotton

7% elastane

OEKO-TEX certified

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