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Les Franjynes - Cotton Turban - Le Majorelle

Blue pre-tied turban made from cotton jersey, ideal to hide hair loss during cancer treatments

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The Le Marjorelle design from the French Brand Les Franjynes is a grey pre-tied turban, ideal to hide hair loss during cancer treatments.

It is very easy to put on, making it a perfect solution for women who do not want to lose time tying their turban in an elaborate way and who suffer from pain in the arms due to cancer treatments.

This turban from Les Franjynes can be worn in three different ways and can also be combined with a hair fringe for a sophisticated look! The "bun" can be placed directly on the top of head, on the side or at the back to change your look throughout the week.

Thanks to its original style and intense colour, the model Le Marjorelle can be worn with all types of outfits and is a must-have in your wardrobe!

For the purchase of this turban, 5% of the price will be donated to cancer research.

*Registered design


Suitable for hand washing.

Air dry, keep out of direct sunlight.

How to put on:

Very easy to put on: tuck the fabric at the back of the turban and adapt the volume of the bun by pulling it until you have the desired effect.

3 different styles are possible:

  1. Place the "bun" in the middle of your head.
  2. Turn the turban slightly to the right or left to shift the "bun".
  3. Turn the turban and place the "bun" on the left or right side at the back of your neck

Composition: 90% cotton jersey and 10% elastane

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