Chemo Hat Primavera Blue - Les Franjynes

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Les Franjynes

Pleated chemo hat for m ore elegance

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The Chemo Hat Primavera Blue - Les Franjynes can be perfectly worn during cancer treatments and is perfect for women that experience hair loss after chemo.

Its Oeko-Tex certified tissu has antibacterial and antiperspirant properties, which promise a feeling of freshness and ease. In additional, it ensures a maximum of comfort with UPF 40 sun protection.

The hat is easy to wear and must not be tied complicatedly. It offers perfect support the whole day long.

The pleated effect guarantees extra volume and offers a stylish look! Because of its modern color, the hat can be worn all year long.

You can also wear this hat with a stylish fringe.

We recommend hand washing.

 Do not tumble dry. We recommend to try your had in shadow.

85% recycled Polyester; 5% Elastane; 10% Tencel

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