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Elastogel Chemo Cold Gloves

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When frozen, it is ideal for wear during chemotherapy to help reduce nail loss and skin dryness to hands.

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Over 30% of patients treated with Docetaxel (Taxotere Taxol) develop an onycholysis (nail loss). Their skin is fragilized by the toxicity of the treatments, the skin is very dry, and the hands and feet can become very inflamed.

Studies have proven that Elastogel hypothermia gloves reduce the toxicity of the skin and nails caused by docetaxel. This innovating product offers more comfort and well-being for the patient.

By using this cold solution on the hands, the blood vessels shrink and stop large chemotherapy molecules from entering the cells. The use of frozen gloves before, after and during chemo will reduce the loss of nails and prevent dry skin.

In a study conducted during a chemo session (90 minutes), 45 patients wore cold gloves. 2 gloves were necessary to maintain the constant cold sensation during the session.

This study proved to be efficient in preventing nail toxicity (11% protected hands vs 53% unprotected hands) and skin dryness (observed with 24% of protected hands vs 53% non-protected) during treatments.

Put the gloves in the freezer at least 2 hours before.

To prolong the life span of your gloves, we recommend placing it in its plastic bag before freezing.

To clean, sponge the surface with soap and water and dry

Hydrogel made from glycerin. Maintains its suppleness, even at low temperatures.

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