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Chemo Kit 4 Chemo Cold Caps - Arctic Heat

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4 cold caps - When frozen, it is ideal for wear during chemotherapy to help reduce hair loss.

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The Arctic Heat chemo kit contains: 4 cold caps, ideal for 2 hours of chemo! 

We propose you this chemo kit so that you can keep your scalp cold as long as possible during chemo and reduce the risk of hair loss from cancer treatments. 

We recommend:   

  • a first cap on the way to the hospital  
  • others during treatment  
  • the last cap on the way home

The ArticHeat cold cap can limit hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatments. Many studies show that hypothermia (temperature drop) of the scalp can reduce the risk of alopecia caused by cancer treatments.

The cold cap from ArticHeat causes the vasoconstriction of hair follicles, starting from the base of the neck. This means that the blood vessels shrink with the cold and stop large chemotherapy molecules from entering, therefore preserving your hair.

The use of cold caps varies depending on the way chemo is administered. In all cases:

  • Put the cap on about 45 to 60 minutes before your chemotherapy session  
  • Change it every 1 hour for maximum coldness.  
  • The post-cooling time is at least 45 – 60 minutes.   

  • So for 1 hour chemo time 3 caps are required, 
  • for 2 hours chemo time 4 caps  
  • and for 3 hours chemo time 5 caps.

On our website, you will also find chemo kits with 3 or 5 cold caps.

Seek medical advice to ensure the efficiency of this solution on hair loss. ArticHeat Hypothermia-Caps come in crystal form and require activation in water before. For more information read our advice. 

Every cold cap is delivered with product instructions. Place the cap (if possible in a plastic bag) in the freezer. Soak the cap for 10 minutes in water until crystal in pockets swell into gel form.

Step 1: For initial activation, you must soak the cap in water for 15 minutes to allow the crystals to turn into gel. After that, you can let the hypothermia cap dry in fresh air. 

Step 2: Remove the hypothermia cap from the freezer 2 to 3 hours before the cooling hood becomes stiff. 

Step 3: The day before your first chemo The day before your first chemotherapy session, take the frozen helmet out of the freezer and let it thaw. 

Step 4: D-Day On D-Day, place the helmet back in the freezer for a maximum of 3 hours. Also freeze blocks and blocks of ice to transport chilled helmets in a cool box to the hospital. When you go to the hospital, arrange the helmets between blocks of ice. At the end of the chemo session, start with step 2.

Read the notice before using.

Use of cooling caps is suitable for malignant, solid tumors such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or lung cancer etc.

Use of cooling cap is not recommended with haematological malignancies (leukaemia, non hodgkins and other generalised lymphomas). Manifest scalp metastases. Please ask your doctor!

Hydrogel made from glycerin. Maintains its suppleness, even at low temperatures.

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