Long-tie Bamboo Chemo Head Scarf - Leslie

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Bamboo soft chemo turban in pink and brown

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The bamboo chemo head scarf with long ties Leslie is ideal for women undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from alopecia and who would like to spice up their outfit with an elegant accessory.

This chemo headscarf is very easy to put on and adapts to any size and head shape thanks to the long ties. You can easily style it according to your preferences. This long tie bamboo headscarf offers total security and will not move when on your head. Furthermore, this model adds volume to hide perfectly the hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Its natural bamboo fibre material protects the scalp without irritating thanks to its antiperspirant and antibacterial properties. You can comfortably wear this headscarf all day long, at home or out.

You will love this pink and brown coloured chemo head scarf that brings comfort and well-being during your cancer treatment sessions.

It is recommended to hand wash this product

100% Bamboo

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