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Les Franjynes - Cotton Chemo Turban - Madame Cachi

Vintage-style chemo turban ideal to hide hair loss during cancer treatments

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The Madame Cachi is a khaki-coloured turban made from cotton gauze from the French brand Les Franjynes. Thanks to its soft fabric, it is very pleasant to wear and respects irritated scalps caused by cancer treatments.

This model is perfectly suitable for women who would like to change their look during chemotherapy. Take pleasure in styling your look during hair loss with this stylish chemo turban.

Tying a chemo turban can be a way to bring back your femininity and help you feel beautiful. Express your creativity and discover many different and discreet ways to tie your turban to hide your hair loss during cancer treatments.

Made from very soft cotton gauze, this vintage-style turban ensures total comfort throughout the day without irritating your fragile, sensitive scalp. You will love the colour that illuminates your face in a natural way.

5% of the price is donated to cancer research.

*Any colour or detail variation shall not be considered as a defect


Once you have received the chemo turban, soak it in cold water with a little washing power to wash out the natural pigment, then let air dry.

Can be hand washed or machine washed.

We strongly recommend using the delicate cycle of your washing machine. 

How to put on:

You can style this turban in a variety of ways. Here is one of the easiest ways to wear it:

- Place the turban on your head and leave the long ties on each side.

- If you have a hair fringe, you can place it under the front of the turban.

- Cross the sashes behind your head and tighten.

- Then cross over the top of your head and tie a knot.

Other ways to tie your turban:

Composition: 100% cotton gauze

(coloured thanks to a natural pigment)

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