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Elastogel Chemo Cold Cap - Large Size

When frozen, it is ideal for wear during chemotherapy to help reduce hair loss.

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The Elastogel cold cap (Large size) limits hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatments. Many studies show that hypothermia (temperature drop) of the scalp can reduce the risk of alopecia caused by cancer treatments.

The cold cap from Elastogel causes the vasoconstriction of hair follicles, starting from the base of the neck. This means that the blood vessels shrink with the cold and stop large chemotherapy molecules from entering, therefore preserving your hair.

The cap stays supple at any temperature and is held in place by a chin strap.

The use of cold caps varies depending on the way chemo is administered. In all cases, the cap will need to be placed on the head 10 minutes before starting the chemotherapy session and changed every 45 minutes to ensure the cold effects. The best solution is to have 2 caps to change between in case your chemo lasts longer than planned.

Seek medical advice to ensure the efficiency of this solution on hair loss.

Also available in standard size.

Every cold cap is delivered with a plastic support to maintain its shape. It is important to keep this support and to use it when you place the cap in the freezer.

The gel inside the cap absorbs liquids, therefore, avoid wetting the cap.

To prolong the life span of your cap, we recommend placing your cap in its plastic bag before freezing.

Read the notice before using.

Hydrogel made from glycerin. Maintains its suppleness, even at low temperatures.

Cover made from waterproof Elastane and equipped with an adjustable chin strap.

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