Reusable Eucalyptus makeup removal pads - pack of 10

Gentle, environmentally-friendly make-up removal solution - Pack of 10

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Discover this gentle, environmentally-friendly make-up removal solution for your fragile skin.

1 make-up removal pad = 300 disposable cotton pads!

For skin that has been irritated by cancer treatments, these double-faced pads ensure a gentle makeup removal and will not irritate your already sensitive skin. It suits all skin types and makeup removal solutions: Micellar water or cleanser.

Wash in a washing machine (40°C max) with your clothes. These cotton pads are easy to use and respect the environment, while saving you money: 6 times cheaper than a disposable cotton pad.

Machine wash (40°C max)

Gentle tumble dry

Made in France

Composition : 80% Tencel viscose (Eucalyptus), 20% polyester.

Risk of shrinking (approx. 10%)

Size: 10cmx10cm

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