Chemo Cooling Mittens

Protect your nails during chemotherapy 

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Peter's Surgical cooling gloves help preserve your nails and reduce the risk of Hand-Foot Syndrome during chemotherapy.

Wearing cooling mittens is a must-have when preventing your nails from being damaged during some chemotherapy treatments, such as Taxotere.

The cold causes vasoconstriction which reduces the size of the blood vessels, therefore limiting the circulation of chemotherapy molecules.

For optimum comfort, Peter Surgical cooling mittens contain a gel that only covers the tips of your fingers.

Do not use this type of cooling system in case of Reynaud’s syndrome. It is important to closely follow the instructions as the cold may cause burns! 

Freezing: Place the mittens in the freezer 6 hours before use.

Always wear vinyl or latex gloves when using the cooling gloves.

It is recommended to wear the mittens 5 minutes before your chemotherapy session begins. Keep them on during the full treatment process and keep them on for another 5 minutes once chemo has finished.

If the cold causes pain, you can remove them for 2-3 minutes and then put them back on.

Plan to take with you a warm blanket and films. Go to the bathroom before putting on your cold gloves.

If your hands are slightly damaged, we advise you to apply a soothing cream before putting on the gloves.

Cleaning: Scrub with a brush and gentle soap. Do not immerse in water. Dry before placing in the freezer.

Viscoelastic gel 

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