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Orbit Eyeshadow Brush n°11

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The orbit eyeshadow brush n°11 from Couleur Caramel can be used to blend two shades together to create a smooth transition from one shade to the next, with no visible lines.

This brush is made of a mixture of both natural (pony) and synthetic (nylon) hair for a very smooth makeup application. It can be used to apply eye shadows and/or blend colours together.

Its dome shape makes it perfect for blending and contouring.

The round bamboo handle is designed for better handling.

When applying eyeshadow, start at the inner corner of the eye and working outwards.

Use a darker shade at the crease of the eyelid and create a smooth transition from one shade to the next with regular motions.

You can also blend different colours together.

Bamboo handle

Pony hair

Nylon hair

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