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Refill - 5 pairs of adhesives for fake eyebrows

Pack contains 5 pairs of adhesive tape for fake eyebrows

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The adhesive tape for fake eyebrows from the brand Salon Perfect allow you to use your fake eyebrow kit for longer without having to buy a new one.

The pack contains 5 pairs of adhesive tape for fake eyebrows (1 piece of tape can be used over several days).

  • Remove any makeup or impurities from your eyebrows and wait for it to completely dry
  • If necessary, trim the fake eyebrow if it is too long for your normal eyebrow.
  • Place the adhesive tape directly onto the back of the fake eyebrow
  • Stick the fake eyebrow onto your skin
  • Gently massage until it sticks
  • To remove, gently massage with warm water and pull off, starting at the inner corner
  • The adhesive tape can be reused over several days

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