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Brow Sculptor Kit

Complete pack to help you draw on your eyebrows after brow loss

£ 30.89

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The eyebrow sculptor kit from Brow System is a complete pack to help you properly draw on your eyebrows. It is ideal for people who have lost their eyebrows or who want to enhance their brows during and after cancer treatments.

  • 3 brow stencils allow you to choose the right eyebrow shape for your face.
  • 4 different coloured eyebrow powders to perfectly adapt to your skin colour.
  • 1 illuminating wax pencil helps fix the powder. Thanks to the illuminating effect, you can highlight your eyebrow shape and brighten your eyes.
  • 1 double-sided brush: one side is equipped with a brush, the other side with an angled brush. Thanks to the angled brush, you can delicately and precisely apply the  powder. The brush smudges the powder for a perfect brow line.
  • 1 fixing gel which fixes powder.
  • Place the brow stencil of your choice on the brow bone.
  • With the angled brush, apply the powder of your choice by following the brow stencil contour. Then, perfectly fill out the eyebrow with the powder.
  • Apply the wax to your eyebrows.
  • Apply the illuminator below your eyebrow line to highlight and brighten your eyes.
  • Apply the fixing gel and let dry for a few minutes.

3 brow stencils, 4 different coloured eyebrow powders, 1 illuminating wax pencil, 1 double-sided brush and 1 fixing gel.

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