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Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown

Preservative-free high-tolerance eyebrow pencil - 1.1 g

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The dark brown Eye Care eyebrow pencil allows you to redraw your eyebrows with a clean and precise line. It is important to redraw your eyebrows after losing them during cancer treatments so that you can bring expression back to your face and highlight your eyes. This eyebrow pencil, which is ideal for a natural look, is extremely hydrating thanks to its fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free beeswax formula. The creamy, moisturising texture is gentle when applying to the skin.

Apply colour in small lines.
Find all our application tips in our Advice Section.

Sheabutter: Hydrates and regenerates. Rich in natural Vitamins A, E and F
Jojoba Oil: Repairs and softens
Carnauba Wax: Protects skin and holds in moisture.

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