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Fake Eyebrow Kit - Blonde

Pack contains: 2 fake eyebrows + 10 pieces of adhesive tape

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This fake eyebrow range from the brand Salon Perfect was created for people who have lost their eyebrows during chemotherapy, for women who over plucked or for women who want to cover them.

These substitute eyebrows are hand-made from 100% natural hair. The pack contains a set of 2 fake eyebrows and 10 pieces of adhesive tape (1 piece of tape can be used over several days).

Choose a colour lighter than your hair.

  • Remove any makeup or impurities from your eyebrows and wait for it to completely dry
  • If necessary, trim the fake eyebrow if it is too long for your normal eyebrow.
  • Place the adhesive tape directly onto the back of the fake eyebrow
  • Stick the fake eyebrow onto your skin
  • Gently massage until it sticks
  • To remove, gently massage with warm water and pull off, starting at the inner corner
  • The adhesive tape can be reused over several days

Natural Hair

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