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SIF & LOKI - Chemo cap with hair - Pastel Sunflower

Chemo cap with hair for alopecia

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Estimated 28/04/2018

Estimated 28/04/2018

The chemo cap with integrated hair halo with its pastel sunflower design allows women suffering from alopecia to hide their illness, but also to have a bit of fun.

Using a special technique, natural hair is sewn directly onto a chemo cap, allowing you to re-establish your femininity.

The Chemo hair cap guarantees a perfect, secure hold so that you can make the most of your days, worry-free. You can also wear glasses with your hair cap.

The quality and softness of the fabric ensures comfort and lightness all day long. You will like its seams that will not irritate your fragile scalp, caused by cancer treatments.

A hairdresser can also personalise the hair cap for you, making it perfect for all ages! Easy-to-use, this cap is ideal for every day wear.

The chemo hair cap does not contain any metal objects, so, you can wear it during your radiological checks.

Suitable for hand washing or machine washing at 30°C max.

Do not tumble dry or iron.

100% Cotton

100% Natural Hair

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