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Les Franjynes - La Brigitte Fringe - Blonde

Long hair fringe in blonde to hide hair loss during cancer treatments

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The long hair fringe La Brigitte from the French brand Les Franjynes is the perfect solution for women who would like stay feminine during cancer treatments without wearing a wig. Made from high quality synthetic fibres, this fringe is the perfect alternative.

This long hair fringe in blonde perfectly matches your chemo headwear, no matter the colour, for a natural, youthful style.

This fringe from Les Franjynes is very easy to wear and perfectly adapts to your hair regrowth. The fringes by Les Franjynes are the first fringes that are 100% suitable for those suffering from alpoecia. The fringe is placed like a headband on your head, even in the case of total hair loss. As soon as your hair regrows, you can clip the fringe to your hair to ensure a perfect hold throughout the day.

Once the fringe is well positioned, you can tie a turban around the fringe for a fresh and modern look. You can also wear the fringe under a chemo head scarf to perfectly hide hair loss during and after cancer treatments. This fringe offers a very natural, pretty finish.

This long hair fringe is made from Japanese high quality synthetic fibres, for a feeling of comfort and well-being all day long!

5% of the price is donated to cancer research.


Hand wash once a week or soak in cold water after every 8 utilisations.

Always use a mild shampoo and gently wash the fringe.

Rinse with clear water and then let air dry on a towel or a plastic wig stand.

Composition: Japanese high quality synthetic fibre

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