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Estimated 30/04/2018

Estimated 30/04/2018

You want to make a gift to someone close, but you don't know what and you are afraid of making the "wrong" gift?

No worry, we have the solution for you with the Oncovia gift card worth 20€, 30€, 50€ or 100€.

The card is applicable for the whole online-shop and is valid during 6 months since the date of purchase.

You can choose whether to receive the card by mail or by post!

How does it work?

  1. Choose the gift amount you wish to offer.

  2. Fill in your details in the billing address and those of the recipient in the shipping address.

  3. You can add a personalised message if you want.

  4. Confirm your payment.

  5. The Oncovia gift card is delivered within 2-5 working days. If you wish to receive it by mail, do not hesitate to contact us at support@oncovia.com or by phone +44 (0) 330 808 0782.

Finally it is up to you to offer the Oncovia gift card!

To spend your gift card, you just have to fill in the code in the corresponding square "Code".

Attention, the gift card may be used only once.

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