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Majes'taie pillowcase from Karethic

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For sensitive skin

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Do something for yourself and choose the Majes'taie pillowcase from Karethic, especially for during cancer treatments. 

Thanks to a "Tencel side" and a satin side, this double-sided pillow case adapts to all situations. It protects your sensitive skin as well as possible.

Tencel is a particularly soft and comfortable material, it is made from cellulose (cellulose). This means your skin can breathe all night long. Hypoallergenic, it helps regulate sweat and neutralize bacteria. 

Thanks to its airy properties, satin does not rub on the skin / scalp and prevents irritation. In addition, satin does not harm the hair, but, on the contrary, makes it softer and shinier. 

This soft pillowcase is particularly suitable for alopecia or hair regrowth. We also think it's great that the Karethic brand thinks of our planet too.

The Majes'taie pillowcase is not only gentle on your skin and hair, it also reduces the use of cosmetic products. 

Finally, the Majes'taie pillowcase offers you comfort and softness for a good night's sleep. 

Dimensions: 60x60 cm

Ideally, use an organic or homemade liquid laundry detergent. 

Hand wash preferred. 

If you do machine wash, choose a 30 ° C cycle.


100% of the materials used are waste-free and environmentally friendly.

Tencel is a natural biodegradable fiber. 

Polyester satin is a recyclable material. 

Made in France. 

Dimensions: 60x60 cm


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