Small Pastel Pink Gepetto fan - Véra Pilo

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You're opting for a functional yet elegant accessory, specially designed to provide comfort during hot flashes.

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The pastel pink Mini Gepetto fan from Véra Pilo is an essential accessory for brave women undergoing cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Designed to offer instant relief from the hot flashes frequent during these treatments, it combines functionality and style.

Handcrafted in Spain with the utmost care, this fan features a high-quality polished pearwood frame, which offers a comfortable, lightweight grip. Its soft, breathable pastel-pink cotton fabric provides a pleasant feel when used for cooling.

With its 34 cm opening and 19 cm closure, this pastel pink Mini Gepetto fan is compact and easy to carry. It slips easily into a handbag or pocket, so you'll always have it to hand when you need it.

Delivery: Your Pastel Pink Mini Gepetto fan comes in a carefully designed cardboard case for optimum protection during transport and storage. This case adds a touch of sophistication while preserving the integrity of your fan.

By choosing the Pastel Pink Mini Gepetto fan, you're opting for an accessory that's both functional and elegant, specially designed to bring you comfort during those hot flushes. Its refined design and soft color also make it a fashion accessory that perfectly complements your style.

We're here to support you every step of the way and answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to place your order.

Please note that each fan is a unique creation, handcrafted with love. Therefore, slight variations may occur, adding a touch of authenticity to your Pastel Pink Mini Gepetto fan.

For use in extreme heat or hot flashes

Cotton Open 34 cm and closed 19 cm and comes in a pretty box.

This product exists in other colours

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