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YES - Organic Water-Based Lubricant - 6 x 5ml Applicators

Single use doses. A discrete, simple and efficient solution for women suffering from vaginal dryness during chemotherapy.

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The organic water-based lubricant - 6 x 5ml applicators from YES are ideal for women suffering from vaginal dryness during chemotherapy. The single use doses are pratical to use. A discrete, simple and efficient solution that helps fight vaginal dryness.

The applicator contains the recommended dose that should be used every 2 to 3 days, ensuring an optimum hydration and comfort.

The lubricant can be used before intercourse or at any other moment to increase the level of comfort and humidity.

The organic water-based lubricant facilitates intercourse and improves pleasure and satisfaction as it relieves vaginal dryness due to cancer treatments by moisturising the intimate mucous.

Each pack contains 6 x 5ml single use applicators of the organic water-based lubricant.

Hold the applicator at the wide end and shake contents to the narrow end before inserting.

Snap off the security tip by twisting.

Insert the narrow end of the applicator only into the vagina.

Once the applicator is inserted, squeeze the wide end several times to ensure contents are completely released.

Maintain the pressure on the applicator and continue to squeeze the applicator as you extract it. These are single use applicators – discard when empty.

Water, Aloe vera*, extract of flax*, guar gum*, carob gum*, xanthan gum, salt, potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

* Ingredients from organic farming.

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