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Strengthens and promotes eyelash and eyebrow growth

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The Même Cosmetics revitalizing eyelash and eyebrow serum is a care product that promotes eyelash and eyebrow growth. In most cases, cancer treatments cause hair loss, but also loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. 

This serum is best used daily. It was specially developed for sensitive skin, the soft face ensures a gentle and pleasant application. This eyelash serum offers both a foam side for the eyebrow and a brush for the eyelashes. By using it, eyelashes and eyebrows are nourished, protected and repaired. 

The eyelash and eyebrow serum from Même Cosmetics consists of 97% natural active ingredients and was specially developed for skin weakened by cancer treatments. 


The serum does not run into the eyes in 100% of women * 

The serum dries quickly for 100% of women * 

The serum does not interfere with applying makeup in 95% of women * 

Eyelashes and eyebrows are strengthened in 84% of women * 

The serum envelops the eyelashes and eyebrows in 91% of women ** 

The serum is comfortable to wear on the eyebrows for 100% of women * 

For 100% of women, the serum is comfortable to apply to the lash line * 

Eyelashes and eyebrows fall and break less in 79% and 84% of women with the serum * * 

Tested for 56 days on 19 volunteers with sensitive skin and eyes who have lost their eyelashes and eyebrows after cancer treatments. The volunteers finished their last chemotherapy at least 2 months ago and had eyelashes and eyebrows regrowth. ** Use test carried out on 22 volunteers with sensitive and / or reactive and / or atopic skin.


We recommend starting a course with the Revitalizing Serum for Eyelashes and Eyebrows when you notice the beginning of your eyelashes and eyebrows regrowth. So make sure it will be as effective as possible! It will only "activate" the regrowth of eyelashes and eyebrows once your body has flushed out the toxins from your treatment!



Active ingredients: 

  • Castor oil to improve growth and strengthen  
  • Arginine to soften your skin  
  • Amino acids to support growth


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