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Mammopatch Gel Z - Silicone Breast Plasters

Silicone plasters to improve healing after breast surgery.

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Estimated 23/04/2018

The Mammopatch Gel Z Silicone Breast Plasters from Medical Z can be worn during cancer treatments and help prevent scarring after a breast operation. These gentle, comfortable adhesive plasters help improve the healing process. Notably, they prevent hypertrophic scarring, right before the keloid scar stage.

These hypoallergenic plasters can last up to 6 to 8 weeks. They can be cut to obtain the desired size.

The Mammopatch Gel Z Silicone Breast Plasters from Medical Z are a preventive measure for after the wound has closed (approx. 10 days) or if there are any signs of hypertrophic scarring.

The sooner these plasters are applied, then better the chances of normal scarring.

The Mammopatch should be applied after showering in the morning and worn until the evening. It is best to talk to a Doctor to determine how long the plasters should be worn throughout the day.


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