Post surgery bra for breast form Airita Crystal Anita

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mastectomy bra, perfect for inital care breast form

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The Airita crystal prosthetic bra by Anita is a must for women who have breast surgery.

This post-operative bra, with molded pockets, follows the curve of your prosthesis without pressure on it or on the operated area. You will be able to wear clothes close to the body without your bra being seen.

The advantage: a concealing shell that consistently continues the Airita climate comfort thanks to the breathable modern material.

The edges of the spacer fabric are extremely flat and the cups provide perfect comfort.

In a crystal color, it can easily go with all your clothes!

Suitable for hand washing or machine washing at 30°C.

We strongly recommend using the delicate cycle of your washing machine. 

Ideally wash in a delicates laundry bag.

Never leave to soak.

Do not use fabric softener.

Do not tumble dry.

46% Polyamid

40% Polyester

14% Elastane

To find the right size, take your measurements directly on your body with the help of a tape measure.

  • 1.

    Band Size (under-bust)

    Measure under your bust, across your ribcage and around your back under your arms.

  • 2.

    Semi-Bust Size

    Measure the non-operated side by placing the measuring tape at the same level as your nipple. Start from the sternum and stop at the middle of your back. Multiply by 2.

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