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Cattier - Ultra-nourishing Organic Lip Balm

Take care of your dry lips during cancer treatments - 4g

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Estimated 26/04/2018

The ultra-nourishing organic lip balm from Cattier is perfect for rehydrating and protecting your lips during cancer treatments.

This lip balm helps fight against external aggression. Thanks to its active ingredients, such as organic olive oil and wild mango butter, this balm uses important natural elements to ensure a total protection and hydration all day long.

You will love its sweet vanilla smell for a subtle lip care solution.

Apply the Cattier lip balm at any time throughout the day to repair, nourish and protect your lips.

Active ingredients:

Organic olive oil: rich in vitamins, skin regeneration

Wild mango butter

Shea butter: moisturises, revitalises and regenerates. Rich in natural vitamins A, E and F.


Organic jojoba oil derived from olive oil: smoothes, nourishes and tightens tired, rough skin.

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